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GreenTracker is an SaaS, COTS suite of cannabis traceability systems. GreenTracker consists of a governance system, a licensee data entry system, RFID/barcode scanner system and an API layer for integrators that allows regulatory agencies to track cannabis regulation from seed to sale. With a modern, configurable, web based UI, the applications were developed specifically for the cannabis traceability governance market.


GreenTracker provides robust, complete and accurate systems that enable each regulatory agency the choice of using RFID or barcode tags. The application provides the ability to track all activities for seedlings/clones, plants, harvests, conversions, lab tests, transfers, and sales. Each regulatory agency creates and maintains lab tests that will be performed on inventory items. RFID/barcode scanners have been incorporated into GreenTracker for use in the field. The governance application provides customizable dashboards with key metrics and robust reporting capabilities. 

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