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We've been helping businesses since 2006.

Renaissance Systems has long standing relationships with each other and understand completely our combined capabilities. We are not only software engineers, IT professionals who follow sound development practices, and skilled recruiters, but we also have significant experience in many industries. In the past we have served clients in banking, education, manufacturing, marketing and software and have been fortunate to provide our services to an impressive list of clients, large and small. Our team is experienced, trustworthy and noted for our wide variety of technical competencies. Our diverse engineering, technology, design, development experience as well as our broad work history and proven track record, make us uniquely qualified to meet and exceed the objectives outlined for any given project or technical staffing need. We have extensive public and private sector experience and a demonstrated ability to deliver high end results. Delivering products and fulfilling staffing needs that exceed our client’s expectations is simply how we do business.

Our Team
quentin summers
sr. software architect/engineer


Quentin offers over seventeen years of architecture and development experience at all levels of the development process. Expert level experience with the .Net Framework and OO programming developing Web, Windows and Service applications in C#. Expert level experience as a SQL/T-SQL developer utilizing Microsoft SQL Server including SSIS, SSAS and SSRS. Experience in both rigorously structured and unstructured development environments. Quentin has held key positions on several large projects performing system architecture/design, structured systems analysis, high and low level design, prototyping, structured testing and deployment.

josh de meurers
sr. software engineer


anthony caravia
sr. software architect/engineer


Anthony Caravia started his software career when he was 12 years old on an Apple IIe computer, New Years Eve of 1984. This first program had a ball dropping which flashed Happy New Year 1984! After the success and fame that followed, he took a break from it all and didn't write software again till after he graduated from University of Portland in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. The break really helped him clear his mind and focus on software again. He has worked in all facets of the software industry and has had the opportunity to with many different industries and intelligent people which has helped give him a firm foundation in the field of software engineering. With his extensive work with .NET (C#) and SQL Anthony helps guide the technical culture and learning at Renaissance Systems. Outside of the office he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and is health enthusiast.

The story of Josh begins on a rainy March morning in the pacific northwest. It was a fairly ordinary childhood until he made contact with his first computer. Sure the technical specs may be laughable when compared to more modern devices, but it nevertheless sparked his imagination and ignited his passion for technology. When he entered college at Washington State University, there was only one possible major for him: Computer Science. After much hard work, he graduated Cum Laude but little did he know that this would only be the beginning of a long learning process. In his spare time, Josh likes to travel, make the occasional attempt at gardening and spend the occasional weekend off-roading in his Jeep. So long and thanks for all the fish!

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