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renaissance systems

We've been helping businesses since 2007.

Renaissance Systems has long standing relationships with each other and understand completely our combined capabilities. We are not only software engineers and IT professionals who follow sound development practices, but we also have significant experience across many industries. In the past we have served clients in banking, education, manufacturing, marketing and software and have been fortunate to provide our services to an impressive list of clients, large and small. Our team is experienced, trustworthy and noted for our wide variety of technical competencies. Our diverse engineering, technology, design, development experience as well as our broad work history and proven track record, make us uniquely qualified to meet and exceed the objectives outlined for any given project or technical staffing need. We have extensive public and private sector experience and a demonstrated ability to deliver high end results. Delivering products and fulfilling staffing needs that exceed our client’s expectations is simply how we do business.

In 2017 Renaissance Systems gained invaluable knowledge and experience working with two cannabis seed-to-sale governance systems for the state of Washington. During this time it became apparent that these seed-to-sale systems were overhyped, oversold and underperformed. For the past four years Renaissance Systems has designed and developed a seed-to-sale/traceability system from the ground up for the cannabis governance market. After teaming up with industry experts, using the latest technologies and four years of development we are proud to announce GreenTracker.

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